To the Mom of the Gator attack at the Grand Floridian (WDW)

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I am you. We have never met, I have never faced your tragedy but that’s all I can think this morning- “I AM YOU”. I have done what you have done. I have saved and spent countless hours planning to take my family on a Magical trip to see the Mouse. Every trip has its own expectations, hopes and dreams….

Confessions of a non-runner & run-Disney

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Confession of a non-runner
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(Feature photo by New Balance) I am not a runner.  In fact I’m the opposite of a runner.  I’m a couch surfer.  I basically avoid working out in fear I may strain something or exhaust myself.  I am however an avid Disney Fan and often look for any excuse to go.  I’m also a sucker for Disney memorabilia. When I…

Oh my word-I’m Going! #DisneySMMoms

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The Magical Pixie Dust appeared in my inbox!

I first heard about #DisneySMMom’s (Disney Social Media Moms) Celebration 4 years ago when our family won a trip from to help kick off a year of VoluntEARism. My young family was flown out with other volunteers to celebrate Disney’s campaign to get people involved in giving their time to a cause/charity of their choice in exchange for a…