To the Mom of the Gator attack at the Grand Floridian (WDW)

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I am you. We have never met, I have never faced your tragedy but that’s all I can think this morning- “I AM YOU”. I have done what you have done. I have saved and spent countless hours planning to take my family on a Magical trip to see the Mouse. Every trip has its own expectations, hopes and dreams….

Where God guides He provides.

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God has given me many things in life, but the one thing I continue to pray for is the wisdom of Solomon.  I know to do my job well at Project Ignite Light I need wisdom only God can provide.  While praying before I spoke at a church (in July of 2013), “Lord give me the wisdom of Solomon” the…

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Hey friends! We need your help. Have you ever wondered where all of our bags of Hope get packed? Watch this video to peek inside our packing room and PLEASE Click on the link and VOTE—> rejuv charity challenge We are about 300 votes behind the first place lead! VOTE TODAY and help us share Light in the darkness of…

Is the ALS ice challenge worth it?

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We’ve all seen it these last two weeks. The ALS ice bucket challenge has gone viral from Oprah and Ben Affleck taking part to small town rural communities like my own jumping in on the act. The idea was catchy and a clever way to get people more aware of a cause and a need. I have to admit I…

Is Facebook controlling my feed?

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Is Facebook controlling my feed? This question has actually come up in conversation when I visit with people. I have people ask me to keep them up to date on where we are speaking or how they can get more involved in our organization and I always point them to our Facebook Page Project Ignite Light where we post regular…

T-shirts Change the world! Giveaway!

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It’s Giveaway Time!!!! You can enter up to 8 times! Check out our video for a sneak peak of how a local business General Grain Cleaning in Hannaford ND is partnering with Project Ignite Light to help hurting children of abuse and how you can score one of these adorable Disney T-shirts! Make sure to tell us which one you…


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As we travel the number one question is, “When are you going to move out of the cabin?” The answer is always the same-“I don’t know.” I won’t lie-I have dreams of being in a house again-some awake and even some at night as I sleep. As of July 1st we have been in our little One Room Cabin for…

Days like these:

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Sometimes our job here at Project Ignite Light can become very routine. As we pack hundreds of bags each month it’s easy to focus on getting the orders filled especially if we have more than one order come in at a time. We begin to forget sometimes each one is a person, each one has a story and each one…

“It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.”

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See how we showed our #DisneySide!

If you ask me what I am passionate about you will probably get one of two answers: 1) Abused Children 2) Disney. Leave it to me to find a way to combine the two. A short time ago I was selected to host a #DisneySide @Home Celebration. Here was an opportunity to share my love for Disney with those around…