This is what adoption looks like (The intro)

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For months now I have wanted to share what this process looks like for those who may be considering taking the journey themselves or for those who are just curious about what my family is up to. I’ve been cautious about exposing this part of my life because honestly this process already leaves you feeling vulnerable. But I have also…

Life 24 (Verse 5) Rom.12:2

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Have you ever felt like you were going through life on autopilot? There are clear times where you see God working in your life and then there is the every day, ordinary life? Are we making a difference, does anyone notice and what’s the point. That is what Romans 12:2 is for me. It’s a reminder that in everything we…

Romans 12:2 (Life 24 Verse 5)

Devotional Faith Life 24 LIFESTYLE


It’s easy to get carried along with the rest of the world each day.  We book our schedules tight in hopes of appearing important. We become workaholics and call it ambition. We jump on new diet plans and fitness routines in the name of health when deep down inside we are pursing vanity. We fill our pinterest boards with idea…

Season 1 Episode 2 Clothed in Dignity

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Here is our second episode! We are still learning the ropes but we love our chats. Find out our new name and be sure to listen for the question of the day for your chance to win a Starbucks gift card! Thanks for watching! Now it’s your turn! Answer our daily question and we will be sure to enter you…

2 Corinthians 5:17 Final Thoughts (Life 24)

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New Life

One of my favorite translations of the Bible is the New Living Translation. It’s simplistic. Life is often complicated, and exhausting, I don’t need my Bible to be exhausting too. I often share with my closest friends, “Break it down for me like I was five”.  Not because I can’t handle deep conversations but because often to make a point…

I wanted to die #Suicide



The world received a shocking blow this week with the death of America’s beloved entertainer Robin Williams. The media has made his decision to end his life out to be a freeing option, the church is arguing Heaven and Hell and fans just simply want answers that only Robin himself could answer. I sit and read the words of the…

Cancer Sux


cancer 2

I have always heard everyone knows someone who is dealing with cancer.  In my past I would come across someone who may have been battling cancer but it was very much from a distance.  I suspected a day would come when I was a grandparent and I would look around finding my dear friends or maybe even myself entering that…