This is what Adoption looks like: The Beginning

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Our adoption story begins when I was just five years old. I saw my first African American cabbage patch kid and I thought she was the most beautiful doll I had ever seen. I pleaded to have a baby like this one but I was politely told “little white girls have white babies”. I began telling others when I grow…

This is what adoption looks like (The intro)

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For months now I have wanted to share what this process looks like for those who may be considering taking the journey themselves or for those who are just curious about what my family is up to. I’ve been cautious about exposing this part of my life because honestly this process already leaves you feeling vulnerable. But I have also…

Ephesians 6:4 (Life 24 Vs.4)

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Parenting is so easy…when we don’t have children. We know exactly the things that should and shouldn’t be done as we watch relatives, friends or perfect strangers handle their children. We think to our selves, “My child will never act that way” or “ohhhhh, I would have never done that”. Once we have kids we joke how we wish our…

My flu survival kit (6 must haves)

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flu season ahead

It’s hard to leave the house right now with out catching it. To be honest there have even been days were I was afraid to log onto Facebook or Twitter in fear of getting it via social media. The flu is running rampant and my family has dealt with it on every level.  Since October we have had a stomach virus…

Braun No Touch + Forehead Thermometer (Product Review)

Family HEALTH Kids Reviews

photo by Braun Thermometers

  *I was given a free Braun No touch + forehead thermometer to use. The opinions are my own.  #Ad #Sponsored Any parent with a little one has stood in the aisle of a store staring at thermometers wondering which one to buy.  When my daughter was first born I had an underarm digital model. Boy have they come a…

Starting the school year off right #Frozen #Lunches



As the summer days are winding down and we’re gearing up to go back to school, I’m excited to get back into “packing school lunches” mode! I will try to pack lunch from home for my kids a couple of times per week. It’s a way for me to use the creative talents that God gave me, and for them…

Muppets Most Wanted Lunch!


Healthy Eating made Fun

I try to send a sack lunch to school with our kids twice a week. I have three golden rules of packing lunches: 1. It has to be healthy and colorful. God gave us so many beautiful fruits and vegetables to choose from and I like introducing my kids to new foods whenever possible! 2. It has to be affordable…