This is what adoption looks like (The intro)

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For months now I have wanted to share what this process looks like for those who may be considering taking the journey themselves or for those who are just curious about what my family is up to. I’ve been cautious about exposing this part of my life because honestly this process already leaves you feeling vulnerable. But I have also…

Lazarus Awakening-Bible Study

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When I heard Joanna Weaver was writing another book I knew I wanted to read it.  I’m a big fan of her book “Having a Mary heart in a Martha world” and I was certain this book would speak to me as well.  I had no idea how the timing of the review would line up so perfectly with my…

Life 24 (Verse 5) Rom.12:2

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Have you ever felt like you were going through life on autopilot? There are clear times where you see God working in your life and then there is the every day, ordinary life? Are we making a difference, does anyone notice and what’s the point. That is what Romans 12:2 is for me. It’s a reminder that in everything we…

Romans 12:2 (Life 24 Verse 5)

Devotional Faith Life 24 LIFESTYLE


It’s easy to get carried along with the rest of the world each day.  We book our schedules tight in hopes of appearing important. We become workaholics and call it ambition. We jump on new diet plans and fitness routines in the name of health when deep down inside we are pursing vanity. We fill our pinterest boards with idea…

Season 1 Episode 2 Clothed in Dignity

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Here is our second episode! We are still learning the ropes but we love our chats. Find out our new name and be sure to listen for the question of the day for your chance to win a Starbucks gift card! Thanks for watching! Now it’s your turn! Answer our daily question and we will be sure to enter you…

Ephesians 6:4 (Life 24 Vs.4)

Devotional Faith Family Kids Life 24


Parenting is so easy…when we don’t have children. We know exactly the things that should and shouldn’t be done as we watch relatives, friends or perfect strangers handle their children. We think to our selves, “My child will never act that way” or “ohhhhh, I would have never done that”. Once we have kids we joke how we wish our…

Let’s sit and chat: Life 24 (Jer.33:3)

Devotional Faith Life 24


I love to study people who have started something from nothing. Those who have reached not just a level of success but who are the model for success. I dream of spending time with them, the questions I would ask, the knowledge I would glean and the inspiration I would take away to keep pushing forward to unchartered territory. To…

I want to Frolic (Psalms 63:1) Life 24

Devotional Faith Life 24


I have never understood morning people.  Those who eagerly awake even before the sun gets out of bed.  Because no one else is yet stirring they start their day with the true breakfast of champions, a strong drink of God’s word and a Holy Spirit energy bar. This same person usually bounces through the house wishing everyone “GOOD MORNING” as…

I’m Thirsty; Psalms 63:1(2 verse Life 24)

Devotional Faith Life 24


Have you ever been really thirsty?  Where your lips are dry, you can barely swallow and your mouth almost taste like dirt? Your thoughts become consumed with finding something, anything to quench it?  Lately I have been so thirsty! Both physically and spiritually.  Did you know to stay properly hydrated you should be drinking anywhere from 8-12 cups of water…